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YOU'D BE HARD TO REPLACE fr "The Barklays Of Broadway" 1949 film Harry Warren (m) Ira Gershwin (l) 1948 Fred Astaire w The MGM Studio Orch cond by Lennie Hayton (film soundtrack) rec July 30th 1948 Frequently we bicker, But you know that there's no-one but you! Don't we make up quicker, Even when love looks black and blue? Oh, happiness seems hopeless When peace flies up the flu; Let the plot grow thicker, Always there'll be a happy ending in view! All that I know is you'd be hard to replace, Where else in all the world such loveliness and grace? The poet often chanted the love he found divine, But never was he granted a lady love like mine! Deep down, deep down inside my secret heart knows The more that I'm with you, the more and more my rapture grows! Without you at my side, I fear, no future could I face, For you'd be so hard to replace! (Contributed by Peter Akers - December 2010)


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