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YOU'VE GOT ME UNDER YOUR THUMB Livemarsh / Brooks / Hudgens !as rec by Thomas "Fats" Waller & his Rhythm Sep 7th 1937 New York I can't conceal Love that I feel, When I met you it began, baby! Our first date Sealed my fate, You got me under your thumb,yeah! When you're away Just for a day, I nearly die of the blues, baby! It's no lie, Can't deny You got me under your thumb, yes yes! Just let me cling to you till judgement day, Ah baby, let me cling! I never thought I'd love you, love you this way, You beautiful thing, yes Honestly hon', No other one Can ever thrill me like you, baby! Call me dove, Give me love, give me love, baby! You got me under your thumb, yeah! Ah, it's what you call thumb music! Aha! What's that baby? Speak to me slowly and distinctly! Yes! Oh, I'm down on my knees, Just hear my breeze, My heart and soul you have won, baby! Right or wrong, You I belong, You got me under your thumb! Ah love me love me, or get me from under there! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - July 2012)


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