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YOU HAD AN EVENING TO SPARE Oscar Levant / Paul Denniker as rec by Thomas "Fats" Waller April 12th 1938 New York You had an evening to spare, You didn't mean to be mine, All those little and old nods under the stars, aha, Were simply the well known line! You had an evening to spare, You had romance in your eyes, What a fool I must have been To stumble right in; Listen to your sweet little lies! You made me believe, Oh yes you did! You meant to deceive, Confess you did! You knew that I'd plead, I guess you did! But there's gonna be a pay-off, baby, Wait and see, yes! Someone'll make you go boom, Then leave you up in the air! Then you get to run around, The same as I've found, When you have an evening to spare! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - May 2012)


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