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YOU KEEP ME SWINGIN' (Graham Fisher / Kenneth Hare) as recorded by Matt Monro 1958 My feet are swingin', My head is spinning, You've got me dangling on a line, You keep me swingin' all the time! Say "Yeah!" or "Nay!", dear But either way, dear, Please won't you make up your sweet mind? Don't keep me swingin' all the time! Sometimes you smile, sometimes you frown, Oh babe, I go up and down! My heart spins round and around, I'm walkin' on air, Gettin' nowhere! And swing much longer, Don't get no stronger, And only you can set me free! Just say "Take me!" or "Get you hence!", But don't sit on that fence, 'Cause my suspense is killin' me! To love you can't be a crime, Don't keep me swingin' all the time! note - Early recording by Matt Monro in the style of Frank Sinatra and under the name "Fred Flange" for a Peter Sellers LP "Songs For Swingin' Sellers" The success of this track got Matt a recording contract with Parlophone (Transcribed by Peter Akers - November 2013)


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