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YOU KEEP RUNNING AWAY (Lamont Dozier / Brian Holland / Eddie Holland) The Four Tops - 1967 Chuck Jackson - 1969 You're here today and gone tomorrow Leave this heart of mine in sorrow Then you come around every now and then Long enough to hurt me then you're gone again Darlin you keep running away Well I begged you not to leave but you never stay Now you, you keep running away Leavin me here to face another lonely day To you all of this is just a game Well each time you leave I feel the pain But I've got so much love for you I keep wanting you no matter what you do All I want to do is take care of you Everything I have in my life I will share with you This soul of mine has been processed by you Darling my heart has been obsessed with you Just look at me, I'm not the man I used to be I used to be proud, I used to be strong But all of that's changed girl since you come along Your lovin sweetness is my weakness Boy I need you, dear I just can't keep you near Each time you go the hurt comes callin' My days become nights, darlin My nights become so much longer You're in my life, you're in my heart But I can't get you Get you into my arms Darlin, you keep runnin away ...... FADE


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