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YOU'LL ALWAYS FIND A LOT OF SUNSHINE IN MY OLD KENTUCKY HOME (Lew Brown / Rubey Cowan, 1918) Oh! the blues have flown away because I'm going home today To Kentucky, I'll be lucky when I'm back again Oh! the humming of the bees, and the birdies in the trees Make me happy, oh, so happy with their melodies Oh! I rise at early morn and help to plow the fields of corn Then I wander 'way down yonder to my sweetie Sue All the boys around the farm, how they rave about her charm They're so jealous, oh, so jealous when she's holding my arm You'll always find a lot of sunshine, in my old Kentucky home In the southern atmosphere All your worries disappear You hear the darkies 'neath the trees, playing old time melodies And they croon a little tune of my old Kentucky home You'll always find a lot of sunshine, when my dear old mother's near. My sweetie Sue she's just a little bunch of sunshine, too And if you go down there midst all that splendor Stop! Look! I know you'll surrender, to the sunshine of my old Kentucky home.


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