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YOU’LL FIND OUT (Archie Gottler, Betty Treynor) As recorded by: Sam Browne & Billie Lockwood, (as Jack & Jill) With Orchestra Dir. John Firman Recorded in April 1932 (Jill) Care’s an awful thing if you succumb to it That’s a lesson I learned long ago I never cross a bridge until I come to it But there’s a thing or two I’d like to know For instance, Why do poets rave about a June night (Jack) You’ll find out (Jill) What do lovers do out in the moonlight (Jack) You’ll find out (Jill) Just suppose that you’re the boy Who can fill my heart with joy How will you know how to make me happy (Jack) You’ll find out (Jill) What will we do evenings when it’s raining (Jack) You’ll find out (Jill) Do you think you could be entertaining (Jack) You’ll find out (Jill) When I walk up to the altar by your side People will expect to see a blushing bride But I don’t know what I’m supposed to blush for (Jack) You’ll find out There are t6hings that often have me worrying For example let’s take married life Let’s pretend that from the church we’re hurrying And you’re at last my charming little wife For instance, Keeping house must be a lot of fun, dear (Jill) You’ll find out (Jack) Can two people live as cheap as one, dear (Jill) You’ll find out (Jack) When the weekly bills are due And I haven’t got a sou How will I stall the butcher and the baker (Jill) You’ll find out (Jack) As a wife you’ll surely make a winner (Jill) You’ll find out (Jack) What if I should not come home to dinner (Jill) You’ll find out Supposing’ I must leave you for a week or two And you haven’t got as single thing to do How would you spend all those lonesome evenings (Jill) Try and find out. (Transcribed from John Wright’s 78 RPM Record Collection by Bill Huntley - August 2013)


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