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YOU'LL LOVE ME DEAR SOME DAY (Words and Music by: Salvatore Scoppetto, 1922) Oh dearie must we part, sweetie you will break my heart, now won't you tell me why, you're casting me aside, I know your heart belongs to someone, someone who you think is true, but you'll rue the day, mark what I say, when he'll go back on you. I played an honest game, since the day you came my way, and you told me from the start, that I had won your heart, you say someone your love has won, and that he beckons you to come, but that someone you found somewhere, will bring you back to me. You'll love me dear some day, just as I love you still, your heart some day will be broken, and then you, will wish me near, love was not made for play, to win and cast aside, for your foolish pride you left my side, but you'll love me dear some day.


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