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YOU’LL NEVER KNOW (IF AN APPLE IS RIPE) (Roger Edens / Arthur Freed (l) ) Lyrics sung by Ann Sothern in the 1941 film ‘Lady Be Good’ You’ll never know if an apple is ripe, ‘til you bite it You’ll never know if a fire is gonna burn, ‘til you light it You’ll never know what it means to be blue, ‘til you’ve lost an old friend You’ll never know how long is your road, ‘til you’ve reached the end. You’ll never know how good a book may be, ‘til you’ve read it You’ll never know what one kind word can do, ‘til you’ve said it You and I could find romance, but darling, ‘til you take the chance You never, never, never ever know. NOTES: ‘Lady Be Good’ was shot by MGM in black and white and was released September 1941 in USA (November 1941 in the UK). Interestingly the film name and title song are taken from the 1924 George and Ira Gershwin Broadway musical ‘Lady Be Good’ but otherwise, there is no connection between the two. Directors: Norman Z. McLeod / Busby Berkeley Leads: Ann Sothern / Robert Young / Eleanor Powell / Lionel Barrymore (Transcribed by David Story - January 2014)


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