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YOUNG AND FOOLISH Albert Hague (m) Arnold B Horwitt (l) wr '54 Also recorded by - Dean Martin '54 Gloria Marlowe & David Daniels '55 June Valli with Henri Rene & his Orch '55 Ronnie Hilton '56 Edmund Hockridge w Tony Osbourne & his Orch '56 Joe Loss & his Orch '56 Grace O'Connor & Jack Drummond '56 Bill Evans (piano) '58 Tony Bennett '63 (released '95) Nancy Wilson w Sid Feller & his Orchestra '65 Tony Bennett w Bill Evans '75 Morgana King '72 Julie Rogers re-released 1993 Helen Merrill '97 Eve Boswell re-released 2011 as recorded by Johnny Mathis 1965 Now we are growing older We have no time to play Now we are growing wiser But are not wise enough to stay Young and foolish Why is it it wrong to be Young and foolish We haven't long to be Soon enough the carefree days The sunlit days go by Soon enough, the bluebird has to fly. We were foolish One day we fell in love Now we wonder What we were dreaming of Smiling in the sunlight, Laughing in the rain I wish that we were young and foolish again. (bridge) Smiling through the sunlight Laughing in the rain I wish that we were young and foolish again. (Transcribed by David Story - February 2013)


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