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YOUNGER GENERATION (John Sebastian) The Lovin' Spoonful - 1968 The Critters - 1968 Bobby Vee - 1969 John Sebastian - 1970 Also recorded by: José Feliciano; Chuck Perrin. Why must every generation think their folks are square And no matter where their heads are, they know Mom´s ain´t there 'Cause I swore when I was small that I´d remember when I knew what´s wrong with them, that I was smaller then Determined to remember all the card'nal rules Like sun showers are legal grounds for cuttin' school I know I have forgotten maybe one or two And I hope that I recall them all before the baby´s due And I know he´ll have a question or two Like "Hey, Pop, can I go ride my zoom It goes two hundred miles an hour suspended on balloons And can I put a droplet of this new stuff on my tongue And imagine frothing dragons while you sit and wreck your lungs" And I must be permissive, understanding of the younger generation Then I´ll know that all I´ve learned my kid assumes And all my deepest worries must be his cartoons And still I´ll try to them him all the things I´ve done Relating to what he can do when he becomes a man And still he´ll stick his fingers in the fan And "Hey, Pop, my girlfriend´s only three She´s got her own videophone and she´s taking L.S.D. And now that we´re best friends, she wants to give a bit to me But what´s the matter Daddy, how come you´re turning green? Can it be that you can´t live up to your dreams?"


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