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YOUNG WOMAN'S BLUES Bessie Smnith 1926 Bessie Smnithw Joe Smith(trumpet) Buster Bailey (clarinet) & Fletcher Henderson (piano) rec Oct 10th 1926 also rec by Neva Raphaello w Humphrey Lyttelton & his Band '53 Woke up this mornin', when chickens was crowin' for days; Turned on the right side of my pillow, my man had gone away! By my pillow he left a note, Readin', "I'm sorry Jane, but you've got my goat! No time to marry, no time to settle down!". I'm a young woman an' ain't done runnin' around, I'm a young woman an' ain't done runnin' around; Some people call me a hobo, some call me a bum, Nobody knows my name, npbody knows what I've done, I'm as good as any woman in your town! I ain't no high yeller, I'm a beginner brown. I ain't gonna marry, ain't gonna settle down, I'm gonna drink good moonshine and run these browns down! see that long lomesome road, don't you know it's goin' east, And I'm a good woman, and I can get plenty men! (Contributed by Peter Akers - October 2010)


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