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YOUR BABY DOESN’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE (Larry Weiss (m & l) ) As released by the Carpenters < Voice Of The Heart > November 1983 Also sung by: Ruby and the Romantics 1965 Just take some loneliness And add a tear or two Throw in some emptiness Mix 'till you're bluer than blue. Keep it all under cover Next to your broken dreams When you're through. Then you'll know how I Sit alone and cry As the nights go by Makes you wanna die. 'Cause Your baby doesn't love you anymore. Your baby doesn't love you anymore. You try to make believe It doesn't bother you For your own sake believe You'll make it through. Just make a vow every morning That today you will change Your point of view. But it's all a game That you play in vain And you live in pain “Cause it's very plain. Well, Your baby doesn't love you anymore Your baby doesn't love you anymore (trumpet bridge) And there's nothin' that you can do But just break down and cry It's over for you. When, Your baby doesn't love you anymore. Your baby doesn't love you anymore. Your baby doesn't love you anymore. (fade) NOTES: The Carpenters were a talented brother/sister singer/songwriting duo hailing from Los Angeles CA USA. As of 2013, they had sold more than 100 million units (source BBC). Their distinctive soft rock sound provided contrast to the loud and raucous sounds of the day. As well as singing, Karen was accomplished at drums and brother Richard at piano. Sadly, the duo's career ended prematurely with the death of Karen Carpenter in 1983. She was 32 years old. The Grammy Hall Of Fame recognized the Carpenters as providing music of 'lasting qualitative or history significance' (older than 25 years) by honouring them with their prestigious award. This album < Voice Of The Heart > , was compiled by her brother Richard and posthumously released. It contained previously unreleased tracks and this song was one of them. This song was also released as the 'A' side of a A&M 45 rpm single in 1984. The 'B' side was < Sailing On The Tide > . (Transcribed by David Story - February 2014)


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