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YOU'RE A GREAT BIG BLUE EYED BABY (A. Seymour Brown, 1913) Oh, honey, since I first met you, I know why I have been so blue; And I know that love is true, You can plainly see such a change in me. My arms are aching to enfold you, Close to my heart I want to hold you, But there's something that I haven't told you, I just can't help loving you! I only sleep to dream of you And all the little things you do; Every day brings something new And you've grown to be all the world to me. You'd never know how it would grieve me If you should ever go and leave me; Hold me close and say that you believe me, Each breath of life, dear, is you! For you're a great, big, blue eyed baby! You're the sweetest thing I know! And, dearie, oh, oh, oh, oh, I just like to bet che, If you linger long, I'll get che! You're a great, big, blue, eyed baby! I want to pet you like a child of three, But there is one thing want understood, When you're around me, I just can't be good! I want to hug and kiss you like your mama would Her great, big, blue eyed baby


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