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YOU'RE IN MY ARMS (Jack Popplewell / Michael Carr) Vera Lynn (with Mantovani & His Orch.) - 1941 Anne Shelton (with Bert Ambrose & His Orch.) - 1941 Carroll Gibbons & The Savoy Orpheans - 1941 Also recorded by: Elsie Carlisle You're in my arms and I thrill to your touch while we're dancing You look as sweet as the music the violins play I'm so foolish to cling to a thing that's no longer entrancing You're in my arms and a million miles away You're in my arms, but your heart's far away while we're dancing Lost in a world of its own where I've no right to stray Why do I still pretend there's no end to our lovely romancing You're in my arms and a million miles away Wasn't it yesterday you whispered, "I love you so" Or, was it yesterday a million years ago You're in my arms and I gaze in those eyes while we're dancing Deep in your heart I can see that our love's had its day So, I'll just say "Farewell", it was sweet, it was swell, while it lasted Bring down the curtain, we've come to the end of the play You and your heart are a million miles away (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - December 2012)


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