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YOU'RE JUST A FLOWER FROM AN OLD BOUQUET (Gwynn & Lucien Denni) Recorded by: The Andrews Sisters; Carmen Cavallaro; Josef Locke; Ruby Wright. VERSE: I've hunted all over To find myself a mate. Each girl seemed such a disappointment It was just a trick of fate. I found then a blossom A girl of long ago. See if you can guess dear- This girl that I love so. Chorus: You're just a flower from an old bouquet I've waited patiently for you, each day. You're just a dream come true, I know, dear My dream, wonderful dreams of you I'll build a home-nest full of love for you Far from the world away. There in our sweetheart bower You're just my flower From an old Bouquet. Verse: I've prayed that my dreams some- Day would all come true. And now at last my prayer is answered For sweetheart, I've found you. And no other blossom Will ever share a part With my flower here In the garden of my heart. Chorus: Repeat (Contributed by allmanserv - January 2006)


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