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YOU'RE MAKING A MISER OF ME (Ernest R. Ball / Al. Dubin, 1919) I gave you all my heart and soul, What have I in return? A little smile, a little kiss, and memories that burn. You've shown me just what life could be, My heart has heard love's call; But if I can't have all your love, Then give me none at all! I cherish every thought of you, Your love is all I need; Somehow I always crave for you, My love has turned to greed. How sweet and happy are the hours, when I sit by your side; The love I get is not enough, and I'm not satisfied! Can't get enough of your kisses, I'm counting the few that you gave; I gloat all the while over each little smile That made me forever your slave. I save every letter you send me, I hide them where no one can see; And the less love you give me, the more love I crave; You're making a miser of me!


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