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YOU'RE SO FINE (Finney / West / Schofield) Wilson Pickett You're so fine, You're so fine, you're mine Baby you're mine, oh yeah Well I walk and I talk about you I love you, I love you And I need you, Oh, by my side Alright, Well, I walk and I talk about you Well there's nothing in this world Sweet as your lips, you're so fine, you're so fine Every time we meet, my heart skips a beat You're my first cup of coffee, (chorus- My last cup of coffee) You're so fine,so fine, baby you're mine alright, all the time, Oh yes you is Well I walk and I talk about you Alright now, yeah, alright You're so fine you're so fine baby Oh, yeah oh oh, you're mine all the time Oh yeah, well I walk and I talk about you You know I walk, oh I talk Talk about you baby, one more time I walk and I talk, talk about you baby You know that I walk (fade)


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