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YOU'RE TELLING ME SWEET LIES AGAIN (Jack Rhodes / Gertrude Cox) Jean Shepard - 1958 I thought any fool could be fooled only once That a burned child remembers the pain Yet here I am listening with stars in my eyes You're telling me sweet lies again They're tender and soothing like a kiss to my heart I know that it's healing in vain The wound will be deepened, you'll say we must part You're telling me sweet lies again (Instrumental Break) Let some angel or fairy come rescue my heart Wave a wand, change my fate that's so plain I'm lost in a trance or a spell I can't break You're telling me sweet lies again They sound so familiar, like a book read before I know that the ending's the same Some magic is holding me spellbound once more You're telling me sweet lies again (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - January 2011)


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