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YOU'RE THE SAME OLD GIRL (Words by Joe Young, Harry Williams / Music by Bert Grant, 1913) 'Tis many years today since we were married, just twenty years of happiness and bliss, and from each others side we've never tarried, I'm mighty proud, my dear, to tell you this. Do you recall the day I brought the ring, dear? love's sweetest story then to you I told, remember when I placed it on your finger, I said that you were worth your weight in gold. You're the same old girl, I really must admit that you're the same old girl, you haven't changed a bit, altho' today you're somewhat gray, it's easy to be seen, you're sweeter now at forty than you were at sweet sixteen, and you're the same old girl for years, my dear, it seems that you're the same old girl I've worshipped in my dreams, and I love you as I never loved before, what's more: even tho' we're young no longer, bless your heart, my love is stronger, for the same old girl.


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