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YOURS TRULY IS TRULY YOURS (Benny Davis / Ted Fiorito / J Fred Coots) Ted Fio Rito & His Orch. (vocal: Muzzy Marcellino) - 1936 Leo Reisman & His Casino Royal Orch. (vocal: Benny Davis) - 1936 Ray Noble & His Orch. (vocal: Al Bowlly) - 1936 My cards are on the table I love you more each day I've nothing, really nothing to conceal I try, but I'm not able To find the words to say But in the meantime here's the way I feel Yours truly is truly yours If you could read my eyes I know you'd realise I've tried so hard to make an impression These tender words of love Are the start of my heart's confession Yours truly is truly yours Beneath the Moon or Sun You are the only one My heart's unruly You know that I'm yours truly Are you truly mine (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - January 2013)


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