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YOU'VE GOT ME FOR COMPANY (Billy Preston / Bruce Fisher) Martha Reeves Tiny tears are gathered in the corners of your eyes The smile upon your lips is just your heartache in disguise But lonely you need never be if you'd only realize You've got me for company I suppose that no one knows the sorrow you have felt Lost among the shuffle as the cards of fate were dealt Like lemon drops falling on the sun, all your emptiness will melt You've got me for company CHORUS: Oh no, little darlin', just be yourself with me I'm on hand to understand you (this line x2 1st time, x3 2nd time) You've got me for company In the mornin' when you wake up, you won't be alone I'll wake up beside you to hold you tight & keep you warm We can take & we can make this empty house a home You've got me for company (chorus)


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