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YOU'VE GOT ME THIS WAY Jimmy McHugh (m) Johnny Mercer (l) 1940 as rec by Helen O'Connell w Jimmy Dorsey & his Orch Oct 1st 1940 New York also rec by- Kay Kyser & his Orch '40 Tommy Dorsey and his Orch Marion Hutton w Glenn Miller & his Orch You got me this way, say, What are you gonna do about it? What are you gonna do about it? You got me this way, crazy for you! You kissed me one day, then, Seein' that I was true about it, What did you go and do about it? You left me this way, bluer than blue! You thought it was funny, My fallin' so hard! I'm laughin' my sides off, honey, You're really a card! You got me this way, say, Now that I'm in a stew about it, What am I gonna do about it? I'm just gonna stay crazy for you! (Contributed by Peter Akers - May 2009)


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