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YOU'VE GOT THE BEST OF ME >From the film "They Met In Argentina" (1941) (Music: Richard Rodgers / Lyrics: Lorenz Hart) Buddy Ebsen (Film Soundtrack) - 1941 Fair or foul, foul or fair I've got you in my hair Am I glad to have you there No, Ma'am Hot or cold, cold or hot You've put me on the spot Do you really care a lot You, ma'am, do, ma'am, not You've got the best of me So take the rest of me There's only one of me So don't make fun of me I think it's fair to me To say take care of me As I'd take care of you I'm never sure of you And that's the lure of you I want the most of you And not the ghost of you Somehow in spite of you I love the sight of you So, go ahead and get the best of me (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - April 2015)


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