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YOU WANNA KEEP YOUR BABY LOOKIN' RIGHT (Johnny Green / Leo Robin) Deanna Durbin 1947 From the film SOMETHING IN THE WIND 1947 Director: Irvin Pichel Leads: Deanna Durbin/Donald O'Connor/John Dall This movie contained the last hit song for a Deanna Durbin movie (The Turntable Song Spoken (Durbin) She was a lovely creature Immaculate, delicate, wistful and just a bit sad And he, well, he could have stepped right out of that 'Men Of Distinction' ad. I saw them stop in front of a shop To look at the window display I didn't mean to eavesdrop But I couldn't help hearing her say: Sung (Durbin) In her innocent whimsical way……… You wanna keep your baby lookin' right Don'tcha daddy? You wanna see her all dolled up tonight Don'tcha daddy? I kinda think, I'd like a mink As long as you are able But if you're not, I'll tell you what I'll settle for a sable. You wanna keep that gleam in baby's eye Don'tcha daddy? You'll even let her kiss the boys goodbye Won'tcha daddy? And you're a dear To volunteer Another diamond lavaliere or two 'Cause in that case maybe, you'll keep your baby Lookin' right at you. (bridge) You wanna keep your baby lookin' right Don'tcha daddy? You wouldn't want my friends to think you're tight Wouldya daddy? Come on be big And don't renege I'm really sentimental Of course I know You're in the dough That's coincidental. You wanna hold your baby on your knee Don'tcha daddy? You let her have the new annuity Won'tcha daddy? I'm sending you A present too It's goin' to be delivered C.O.D Gotta keep you happy To keep my pappy Lookin' right at me. (Transcribed by David Story - June 2013)


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