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BY A RIPPLING STREAM (WAITING FOR YOU) (Bernice Petkere (m & l) 1932) As sung by Cliff Garnet, Carl Graub and Charles Socci (Johnny Hamp and His Orchestra) 1932. Garnet, Graub and Socci were vocalists for Hamp's Kentucky Serenaders of the 1920/30s. Also sung by: Aileen Stanley (instrumental bridge to start (about 2 minutes of the total recording of 3) I would like to wander by a rippling stream Just be lazy, sit and dream Hoping it will help me pass the time away Waitin' for you. When I close my eyes I seem to feel you near Right beside me, standing here Listening to my promise that I'll always be Waitin' for you. Sometimes I fear that I'm waiting in vain Sometimes I fear you won't come back again Sometimes I wonder how long it will be 'Til you return to me. So I like to wander by a rippling stream Just be lazy, sit and dream Hoping it will help me pass the time away Waitin' for you. (instrumental bridge to end) Notes: Bernice Petkere, the composer, was lovingly referred to as the 'Queen Of Tin Pan Alley'. Her first published song was STARLIGHT (HELP ME FIND THE ONE I LOVE). She contributed a number of standards in her career, among them, LULLABY OF THE LEAVES and STAY OUT OF MY DREAMS Johnny Hamp, an American, was a dance and jazz band leader of the 1920s. Most everyone associates Hamp with his hit recording of the 'BLACK BOTTOM' in 1926. The Black Bottom replaced the iconic Charleston as the 'in' dance craze of the emancipated 'flapper' era (1920s). As is pointed out on the Internet in several locations, Johnny Hamp, the band leader should not be confused with Johnnie Hamp, the British TV producer. Aileen Stanley (stage name), an American from Chicago, sang in cabarets and danced vaudeville during the 1920s. Later in life, she was a singing teacher. She is associated with a number of famous recordings including WHEN MY SUGAR WALKS DOWN THE STREET. Perhaps the most interesting facet of Stanley's history (born Maude Elsie Aileen Muggeridge) was the fact that she purportedly (by her own account) introduced Wallis Simpson to Edward, Prince Of Wales, thereby creating a gigantic scandal and constitutional crisis within the United Kingdom. (Transcribed by David Story May 2014)


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