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IF YOU CAN'T GET A GIRL IN THE SUMMERTIME (YOU'LL NEVER GET A GIRL AT ALL) (Bert Kalmar / Harry Tierney, 1915) The cold, cold winter has gone It passed away, Hurray! And now the summer is on, It's time to play Hurray! Boys get together and choose your mate, Now's the time to get them, They all want love in the summer time Your chances then are great. Just look 'em straight in the eye Then heave a sigh, Oh my! And tip your hat to the sky Another sigh Oh my! She'll smile a little bit acting shy, When she does it's over, Don't waste your time in the summer time 'Cause summer soon goes by. If you can't get a girl in the summer time You'll never get a girl at all, Peaches are ripe in the summer time, And that's the time they fall At the beaches there's a raft of them, Lovely peaches go right after them, You'll hear the wild waves saying Go get them, go pet them Don't miss a kiss in the summer time, Or you'll never kiss a Miss in the Fall And if you can't get a girl in the summer time You'll never get a girl at all.


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