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IF YOU COULD FEEL WHAT I FEEL Album : Euphoria Def Leppard If you could feel what I feel If I could make you see If you could need like I need I'd be the air that you breathe well you go straight to my head as I lie in my bed I just can't win Can't help the state I'm in It's only love so what use falling in it the one thing that you can't do It's only love So why am I hurting from it it's only love if you're hurting too If you could share my wildest thoughts meet me in my mind If you could want the way that I want You'd want me all the time well you go straight to my head when I lie in my bed I just can't win, can't help the state I'm in (repeat rest of chorus) Every dream I dream has got you in Every minute with you means everything I want to take you there, where you've never been, In my dreams... It's only love.. (repeat rest of chorus)


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