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I'M GONNA LOCK MY HEART (AND THROW AWAY THE KEY) (Jimmy Eaton / Terry Shand) Billie Holiday & Her Orch. - 1938 Henry Busse & His Orch. (vocal: Don Huston)- 1938 Willie Lewis & His Entertainers (vocal: Greta Keller) - 1938 Oran "Hot Lips" Page & His Orch. - 1938 Red Sovine - 1950 Etta Jones - 1956 Eddy Arnold - 1956 Carmen McRae - 1961 Carol Sloane - 1995 Also recorded by: Dick Jurgens & His Orch. (vocal: Ron Kemper); Bird of Paradise Orch. (vocal: Susan Chastain); Lenora Zenzanai Helm; Mimi Maura; Rod Sherrell; Linnzi Zaorski & Delta Royale; David Arkenstone; Leonie Smith. I'm gonna lock my heart and throw away the key I'm wise to all those tricks you played on me I'm gonna turn my back on love I'm gonna snub the moon above Seal all my windows up with tin So the love bug can't get in Gonna park my romance right along the kerb Hang a sign upon my heart "please don't disturb" And if I never fall in love again That's soon enough for me I'm gonna lock my heart and throw away the key (Contributed by Bill Huntley - February 2005)


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