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I MISS MY SWISS, MY SWISS MISS MISSES ME Abel Baer (m) L Wolfe Gilbert (l) 1922 as rec by John Sperzel (vocal) & Fritz Zimmerman (yodel) w Paul Whiteman & his Orch Aug 12th 1925 New York also rec by- Billy Jones & Ernest Hare '25 Ted Lewis & his Band '25 The California Ramblers '25 Harry Reser & his Orch '25 Carlyle Stevenson & his Bon Ton Orch '25 Billy Jones w The Southern Serenaders (Fletcher Henderson & his Orch) '25 Carl Fenton & his Orch I miss my Swiss, My Swiss miss misses me, I miss the bliss That Swiss kiss gives to me. I hear her yodeling sweet mel-l-l-l-odies, Like the birds, like the bees In the Schweitzer trees. And if papa makes watches that are Swiss, That's why he watches me like this! I lost her in the mountains, In the mountains she must be; I miss my Swiss, My Swiss miss misses me! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - May 2011)


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