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I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO CARE (Gordon Lightfoot) As recorded Gordon Lightfoot 1976 I think you have somebody waiting Outside in the rain, to take you away You got places to go, you got people to see Still I'm gonna miss you, but anyway. I wish you good spaces In the far away places you go If it rains or it snows May you be safe and warm And never grow old. And if you need somebody sometimes You know I will always be there I'll do it although, I'm not supposed to care. I'll give you the keys to my flying machine if you'd like I will show you the light and when you call I'm gonna come to you. And when you find someone who loves you I'll know you would treat me the same Just lie there, 'cause you're not supposed to care. (bridge) It is some kind of a game Then I'm glad it came down to the final round, but anyway If you think you need someone who needs you. You know I will always be there. I'll do it although, I'm not supposed to care... I'll do it although, I'm not supposed to care. (Transcribed by David Story - February 2013)


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