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IN AN OLD DUTCH GARDEN (BY AN OLD DUTCH MILL) From the Broadway Show "Earl Carroll's Vanities" (1940) (Mack Gordon / Will Grosz) Dick Jurgens & His Orch. (vocal: Eddy Howard) - 1940 Glenn Miller & His Orch. (vocal: Ray Eberle) - 1940 Eddy Duchin & His Orch. (vocal: Stanley Worth) - 1940 Woody Herman & His Orch. (vocal: Woody Herman) - 1940 Hoosier Hot Shots - 1940 Hank Snow - 1957 In an old Dutch garden by an old Dutch mill Where the moon was dreaming on a distant hill When a smile danced by, it was then that I saw Heaven in a pair of wooden shoes In an old Dutch garden where the tulips grow That's where first I whispered that I love you so For my heart was blue till I gave it to An angel in a pair of wooden shoes Then one sad day when summer meets September I sailed away from a thrill I will remember In an old Dutch garden by an old Dutch mill Ev'ry day I pray that you are waiting still For my heart will yearn until I return To heaven in a pair of wooden shoes


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