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IT MIGHT AS WELL RAIN UNTIL SEPTEMBER (Written by Gerry Goffin / Carole King) Carole King - 1962 What shall I write? What can I say? How can I tell you how much I miss you? The weather here has been as nice as it can be Althought it doesn't really matter much to me For all the fun I'll have while you're so far away It might as well rain until September I don't need sunny skies for thing I like to do 'Cause I stay home the whole day long and think of you As far as I'm concerned each day's a rainy day So It might as well rain until September My friends look forward to their picnics on the beach Yes everybody loves the summertime But you know darling while your arms are out of reach The summer isn'[t any friend of mine It doesn't matter whethee skies are grey or blue It's raining in my heart 'cause I can't be with you I'm only living for the day you're home to stay So It might as well rain until September September, September, oh It might as well rain until September


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