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IT'S ALL OVER NOW (Sunny Skylar / Don Marcotte) Frankie Carle & His Orchestra (vocal: Marjorie Hughes) - 1946 Peggy Lee - 1946 Tommy Tucker & His Orch. - 1946 Roy Fox & His Band (vocal: Bobby Joy) - 1946 I used to love to hold you when the lights were down low But itís all over now You used to whisper little things that set me aglow But itís all over now I listened to you tell me little white lies Never thought you meant to deceive Whoever would have doubted those innocent eyes And all the little kisses that you made me believe Remember how I planned a little home by the stream Where weíd spend every day You must have thought me crazy when I painted that dream ĎCause you threw it away I kinda thought that things would be different Have a happy ending somehow But I guess you never loved me Ďcos itís easy to see That itís all over now. (Contributed by Bill Huntley - January 2005)


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