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STAY OUT OF MY DREAMS (Bernice Petkere (m) / Ned Washington (l) ) 1933 Bunny Berigan & His Orchestra with Elmer Feldkamp < Yesterdays Dreams > Released August 2005 Also sung by: Ruth Etting 1933 Ramona Stay out of my dreams Stay out of my dreams As long as you won't come into my arms Stay out of my dreams. Why should I spend each night Dreaming of lips, lips that invite Either let me have those lips Or leave me along. Each minute or two, I wake up so blue I dreamed that you're out, you're going about With somebody new. When I love you, you know Why do you torture me so Stay out of my dreams Or else come into my arms. Notes: Bernice Petkere, the composer, was lovingly referred to as the 'Queen Of Tin Pan Alley'. Her first published song was STARLIGHT (HELP ME FIND THE ONE I LOVE). She contributed a number of standards in her career, among them, LULLABY OF THE LEAVES and CLOSE YOUR EYES (Transcribed by David Story May 2014)


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